“Break Our Hearts for What Breaks Yours”

“Break Our Hearts for What Breaks Yours”

  Sometimes, words cannot capture the thoughts or moments that are beyond our understanding.  In America, children are never left to live absolutely and completely on their own.  We have a child welfare system, broken though it may be, that provides assistance and care for children who are orphaned.  In Swaziland, however, no such system exists.

   Today, three of us went to visit a home of special friends of two of our team members.  In February’s blog, you might have read about these children.  There are eight of them and the 10-year-old boy is the primary care taker.  One of these children is a 6-year-old little girl who was hit by a car last week.  Thankfully, she is doing well and is expected to go home tomorrow.  But what kind of home is she coming to?  The kind of home that has no food……literally……NO FOOD…… until our team visited it today.  The kind of home who has no parents to tuck them in bed at night or care for them when they are sick or afraid.  This is something that we cannot wrap our brain around.  This is something that breaks our hearts for what breaks Jesus’ heart.  He was acquainted with sorrows, and we get a glimpse of what that looks like.  We wonder who we are that allows us to live in a land where food is plentiful and our most basic needs are taken for granted.  

  It is difficult to adjust to these heartbreaking situations that God is revealing to us.  We know that He has shown them to us for a reason, and we have to pray and trust the God of all hope.  God has surely answered our prayer by breaking our hearts.  “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9


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