Bittersweet Endings

Bittersweet Endings

Our final two days have come and gone.  We just completed our final devotion and worship time and we are preparing to leave.  It is a bittersweet time for us.  We are so excited to be back and see our family and friends, yet we are not ready to leave either.  Haiti has become a part of us: from the people to the landscape to the culture.  We have fallen in love with all of it and it has impacted our lives and challenged our faith journeys in ways I can’t express in this e-mail.  Here is the breakdown of our final two days in Port-Au-Prince and my best effort at explaining all that has happened to and through us while here.

Yesterday was our day to head up the mountain on the other side of Port-Au-Prince from New Jerusalem.  There is a missionary outpost up there that has a clinic, hospital, zoo, restaurant, museum, store, and incredible views of gorgeous mountains.  We were able to take one of our team members interested in medicine on a tour of the hospital and pray over the sick and recovering there.  We also got to walk around, take pictures, buy crafts made by local men and women, and just enjoy ourselves.

Even more important was the time we were able to have with each other and with our security team and translators.  We had lunch together and walked through the museum describing the history of their country and got to enjoy that time together.  It was a great day to experience again all that Haiti is capable of as you took in gorgeous views and felt the love of Christ on the people working there.

We left there and headed to another spot we went to last year that overlooks the city of Port-Au-Prince.  Just like last year the views were incredible and such a great way to end the day.  We could see all of the city from mountain range to mountain range.  We could see the Ocean and New Jerusalem in the distance and all the places we had been that week in between.


Today was our first experience worshipping with our friends at New Jerusalem.  It was the perfect end to our week and we prayed with them and they prayed for us.  I can’t express to you how humbling it was to see them worshipping God with all that they had, no matter the circumstances.  The joy they had was contagious, and Pastor Sha-Sha did an incredible job teaching and leading worship.  He has a beautiful voice and a passion for leading his church in worship through the word and in song.  I hope that the sights and sounds of that worship service never leave my mind.  I am forever grateful that we were blessed to witness that and worship with them.

We said our final goodbyes to the people there and came back to the guest house where we rested, relaxed, and spent time together reminiscing about the week.  Our time has concluded here in Haiti as we get packed and ready to head to the airport in the morning.  However, Haiti will never leave us.  A part of ourselves will remain here with the people who have forever impacted our lives with their love for God, each other, and for us.

Now we turn our eyes towards returning home and to our regular lives.  Our prayer has been that God would not only transform us during this trip, but that all the things He has shown us and working in us would push us further towards Him as we return.  That our passion for serving others in the name of Jesus would only be amplified as we head back.  I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through this team!

Thank you again for all of your prayers, and we will see you all soon!



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