We have had a couple of eventful days in South Africa.  Tuesday morning, we met  Dawie, who is a handyman who does work for Home From Home and has been our “boss” this week, and gave him a ride to Khayelitsha.  That means we had 11 people in a 10 person van. Kay actually had to sit on the cooler…but that’s how they do it here!

KWC_2130Laura, Merrilee and Trish with Dawie

When we got to Khayelitsha, we started again working on the windows.  The painting became quite difficult as there is so much sand, and we had extremely high winds….think painting on the beach in the middle of a wind storm.  But, we are told that that’s how they do it here!  As the day went on and the winds increased, we continued to take apart windows and replace the glass.  By the end of the day, I think all of us had broken at least one pane of glass!

KWC_1940Hard at work!

The children came home from school that afternoon and Kay told them the Bible story about how God loves them.  The children enjoyed their craft and ended the session singing Jesus Loves me.  After we rolled the van down a hill to start it when the battery died, we headed back to our apartments, and ended the day eating together in the main apartment and had our campfire.


Today, our morning started with Trish and Dawie taking a trip to the building supply store and then having to push the van across the parking lot to “jump start” it when the battery died again. After another trip to the airport, we now have our 3rd van of the week.  This afternoon was spent in 93 degree heat in the brutal South African sun.  We painted, sanded, caulked, cut, hammered and hung windows. It was exhausting and despite the generous use of sunscreen, we are all varied shades of red!

KWC_2139Tricia and Merrilee with Faith

The children spent the afternoon hearing from Debi that Jesus is their friend forever. They also continued to work on their memory verse, which is “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind.”  Luke 11:27. They ended the afternoon posing in their new sunglasses and beaded necklaces.



This evening when we got back to our rooms, we discovered a pipe had burst in the wall in the ladies’ apartment and a good portion of the den area was under about ¾ inch of water.  Fortunately, there wasn’t a lot damage and we are assured the plumber will repair it in the morning.  We ended our evening with a delicious dinner, and then campfire.  We are all exhausted this evening, but we know God will give us the strength we will need in the morning.

We all feel assured that we are accomplishing much for God’s kingdom…otherwise, why would satan be trying so hard to steal our joy?  However, God will be victorious and we will leave this country having helped to build God’s kingdom in more ways than one.  We can’t believe we only have two more work days here in South Africa…it has gone by so quickly. But, we are looking forward to getting our job completed, and spending some more quality time with the children before we must go.






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