Beautiful feet….

Beautiful feet….

I am sitting here looking out over an absolutely beautiful sunrise.  There’s just something about the sunrises and especially, the sunsets in this place.  What a magnificent way He allows us to begin and end each day!

We are heading out today for our Fun Day!  This will be Team 1’s final day with the children so please pray that we make the most of this day.  The children from each of our carepoints will gather at Timbutini for lots of fun and a really big meal.  We will post pictures later tonight so be sure to check back for those.  But, I wanted to leave a brief post with you before we leave for the day.

“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation….” — Isaiah 52:7

I believe if you asked a few of us, that verse would pretty much sum up our week. But perhaps not for the reason you are thinking.

You see – the good news has been brought to us.  Oh, we’ve shared lots of wonderful things about our Heavenly Father with these children, the go-go’s and the D-Team throughout the week, but they have truly been the ones to bring the good news to us.  In more ways than you can imagine.

They are the ones with the beautiful feet.

Blistered and dirty feet.  Calloused feet.  Some feet without shoes.  Feet that have walked more miles simply to eat than many of us may ever walk in our lifetime.

And each of us has been deeply blessed by those beautiful, beautiful feet.



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