Arrival and Adventure

Arrival and Adventure

We safely arrived in Knysna this morning and let me tell you it was a trial. 16 hour plane rides are no walk in the park when you have never flown longer than 2 hours before. Knysna was beautiful with the light rain and overcast skies, definitely a sight to behold for someone that has never been out of the country either.

Our fearless leader Kurt had a wonderful adventure planned for us at a place called Nature’s Valley; no relation to those tasty bars. If I had to choose one word to describe what we saw it would be spectacular. Hiking around the cliffs and seeing what God has crafted was breath taking. We followed the trail to the head of a small river feeding into the ocean and stayed there for a while before returning home for some much needed sleep. Our push through the jetlag was finished.

Saturday we departed for Featherbed Nature Preserve after breakfast. Bovril on toast was alright but I admit I could not finish the whole piece; there are plenty more days to concur it I suppose. We arrived and hopped on a ferry with a crew of characters for sure. Dry humor is the name of the game with our guide Andre. Starting the tour with a drive up the small mountain road on an old Unimog was fun and the views of the cove were breath taking. Its always fun to learn about the history of places like these. We walked back down through some caves and had lunch at the restaurant. Important note to anyone coming to South Africa on future mission trips. Please do yourself a favor and have the malva pudding with custard on top.

We immediately left from the Nature Reserve tours and met Ella and Penny for the township tour they do. Let me tell you Ella has a fire in her the likes of which I haven’t seen in a person before. She is small but has a whit and charm about her that makes it impossible not to listen when she speaks. Penny expertly navigated us through the township that had around 25,000 residents we learned. We stopped and purchased some drinks from a local shop that was constructed out of an old cargo container. We also stopped outside a salon where we met Collin; the best drummer in Knysna. Amy led us in praying over him. In the salon, Amy again took the situation by the horns and used the opportunity to share the gospel with a group of women waiting to get their hair done. Ella later told us that the lady we were witnessing to was a local witch doctor. Ella’s home was amazing y’all. The children that she has living with her are the most precious things. Their faces light up when you engage with them, and all they want to do is touch you and play and dance around. We played with the children, Ella and her kids sang for us both in Xhoso and English. It was an unforgettable moment of fellowship that I won’t forget I know.

Knysna Team  2017

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