Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers

I have always wanted to go on a mission trip, but the time never seemed right. A little over a year ago, my son, Sam continuously asked me about coming to Swaziland. I really didn’t give it a lot of thought at the time. As the time got closer, he remained persistent…he was not giving up. All along, it was Sam that was really wanting to get here; I, on the other hand, was just not sure. Chad, my husband, had been on mission trips before and offered constant encouragement in trying to get me to come. He assured me that he would take care of everything at home, and I did not need to worry about the money. If God wanted me there, he would provide. I had been praying about going and had even mentioned to the Missions Office that I was interested…I just couldn’t commit. Finally, one day it hit me. I knew I was meant to go. That was the first answered prayer on this journey.

Today we went on a home visit; this is where we take food to the families and spend time with them in prayer. We left the care point with the three children and went to their homestead. As we approached the house, the grandmother, which is the caregiver of these three children, was lying on the ground outside the one room house. She could not even get up. One of the children went inside the house and brought out the mat for us to sit on. We began to talk with the grandmother about her health. She was not feeling well, but knew she had to take care of her grandchildren. We then asked her how we could specifically pray for her. Her first response was that we were already an answered prayer. They had absolutely no food in their house and she had been praying about where their next meal would come from. When we walked up with food, she knew that God had provided for her once again. Her other prayer request that that her grandchildren would be safe.

I was in awe of this. Knowing this sweet grandmother had nothing and she had turned it all over to God to provide for her and not given it another thought. My answered prayer got me here and gave me the opportunity to see God show up in such a mighty way. I hope this experience stays with me and that I continue to look for the many answered prayers when I return to the mission field in Augusta!

Thankfully –

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