Another beautiful Lord’s day….

Another beautiful Lord’s day….

It is another absolutely beautiful day here in Swaziland. We are getting ready to head to church. Church in Africa. Few words can explain the experience.  The singing is beautiful and the worship incredible.  You will know you’ve been in the presence of God!

I wanted to ask you to begin praying for our team.  It is often times very difficult to return home.  Not that we do not miss our loved ones at home, because we do VERY MUCH. But this place.   These people.  They capture your heart.

And they don’t let go.  There will be no escaping this feeling that we will have from here on out.

Forever changed?  Absolutely.  And forever in love.

We will close our eyes and see theirs.  We will see their smiling faces.  Their tears.  When we return home, we will wonder “why” about lots of the things we have, the things we do, the things we think we need.

We each have to remember that God is using us where we are.  He has used each of us in a mighty way in Swaziland.  And He will use us in a mighty way in Augusta.  He will use us to expand the awareness of this country and these beautiful children.

Our passion – the piece of our hearts that will be missing will make others question what is here.  What has captured our hearts.  We will tell them and they will not be able to say no to His calling.  Maybe it will be a calling to come.  A calling to sponsor a child. But the call will be there.

All this being said, please keep us in your prayers.  You see, the hard part for us is just beginning.  Why?  Because a part of our heart will always remain here.  Waiting for us to return.

God bless each and every one of you.  Enjoy Pastor McKinley this morning!  We love you all!


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