A tribute to Tema….

A tribute to Tema….

We began our day with an incredible worship service at Timbutini. We got a chance to see Musa, one of our former disciplers. We were so thrilled that our new team members got the chance to meet him. The music, oh, the music! African church music is so full of great joy. I have a feeling Joseph may try to put a twist on Simmons Hall!

Following the church service, we wanted to visit Tema’s homestead to offer our sympathy to the family. This was not an easy trip to make. When we arrived, there were several others visiting, so we had to wait outside for a while. We had planned on only a few of us speaking with the family, but all of us were invited in. Much like our culture, it is customary to take food when you visit. Several of the D-Team members went with us to also interpret. We entered the home and words cannot explain the grief in the room. We were pleased to find out that the mother had been released from the hospital. She had been shot twice and was being cared for in the room by other family members. Greg read the 23rd Psalm and prayed over the family. We told them about reading Bible stories with Tema and also gave them the sweet letter she had written to Robin. They were clearly appreciative of our visit.

Today, we went from the most joyful sounds of praises through the music at church to a mother’s grief that brought us all to tears. We have truly experienced every possible emotion on this trip. We have had so many wonderful “Praise God” moments; moments of asking why and moments of just being angry for what is happening here. But through it all, He has never left our side. We have remained firmly in His grip. In His plan. He has been our source of strength.

Tonight we decided to have a very low key evening at our team house. We have this 10-room house all to ourselves, so we ordered pizza for dinner. We sat on the floor in the big hallway and ate together. We then had our devotional time (still sitting in the hallway) and we sang praises to our Heavenly Father – Swazi style! We sang and sang and sang some more! While the happenings of this week have been very difficult for us all, I think I can speak for each team member in saying that this was a great night. We made this a joyous time of praise to our Lord while becoming so much closer as a team.

Again, I want to thank each of you for being incredible prayer warriors. It is so encouraging to read your comments on the blog. Thank you for intervening for us! We may be a bit shaken, but we are not broken! Swaziland has not seen the last of this team! We love you all and will see you soon!

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