A priceless gift….

A priceless gift….

Many of you that sponsor children may wonder why we encourage you to write your child or let us bring letters and pictures when we come to Swaziland.  If these photos do not clearly explain that, I certainly cannot.  The young lady (Temaswati) above received this picture from her sponsor (The Applewhite family) last year during our visit and has kept the  picture in her backpack the entire year.  As soon as we arrived, she ran to show it to me.

Here is another example of what these cards mean to these children.  Another child that has held onto a card for an entire year.  Her sponsors (John and Kim Beilman) were fortunate enough to visit her last year.

For many of these children, this may be the closest thing to a loving relationship they will ever have.  A simple card, picture or email means the world to them.  To know that someone cares for them can go a long way. 

So, for all those times you’ve written your child or mailed a picture wondering if it ever meant anything?  I think these smiles will provide your answer.

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