A Long Day

A Long Day

Our original plan for the day was fly out of Johannesburg at 9am to George about an hour later. We then would proceed to Knysna, with the hopes of arriving to our hotel around 12:30 in the afternoon. After a plot twist of events, we are actually back in Johannesburg the night.

Due to very dense fog in the George area, the pilot attempted to land two times, one from the east and one from the west, this morning. Because of this inability to land, we diverted to Cape Town. We ended up sitting on the plane in Cape Town for about four hours to wait for the fog to clear. The weather had supposedly cleared up, so we took off to George. Another two attempts at landing, both unsuccessful due to the intense fog.

The flight had to go back to Johannesburg. The 1 hour plane ride turned into an entire day’s journey. But, in the midst of the confusion, it was great to see the beauty of Cape Town from the air.

God always knows what He is doing, and we trust Him in these confusing moments. We are now in a hotel in Joburg and will fly out to George early tomorrow morning and head to Knysna, God willing. Pray for renewed spirits and the eyes to see what God is doing around us.

Knysna Mission Team 2018

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