A Glorious Sunday Morning….

A Glorious Sunday Morning….

Good morning, family! It is another beautiful sunny day in Swaziland. But then again, it’s always a beautiful day in Swaziland. Even when the rains came yesterday right before all the children left. Young and “older” played and danced together. We were savoring every last moment with our kids.

Yesterday’s Fun Day was at Ruby’s care point for the first time. All of the children from Timbutini were bussed over to Ruby’s. What a day! Our weather has been very hot, but God provided us with a bit of overcast yesterday which gave the kids and us a nice break. The children were given fruit and biscuits as a morning snack, then the assembly line for the chicken dust started around 12:30 pm. What big smiles on faces! As the day ended, we were able to give each family a cabbage to take home. As I mentioned last night, some of these cabbages were bigger than the child carrying it home!

Once the children left, it was time to bless the go-go’s. No one was blessed more than us. No one. We were all brought to tears as we watched them open up a backpack filled with an apron (Thank you, WBC Mission Vision!), various toiletries, candy and 350R – equivalent to about $42. The joy this brought to these 14 women was unbelievable. They laughed. They cried. They sang. They danced. They praised. And we were right in the middle of that incredible praise and worship! God chose us to be the ones to receive this blessing. What an honor. A true privilege. They thanked God for sending us and blessing them. We thanked God for being called and chosen to be the vessels. And yes, the leader of the pact — Sweet Ruby! While Ruby may not be the “wife” of Proverbs 31, she is truly the Proverbs 31 woman. Absolutely amazing.

I want to share about our home visits. I would ask that you pray that I find the words to truly convey these situations with you. Yes, we have so much “fun” being here playing and laughing with the kids, but there is a side that is so very painful. And what is breaking His heart, is truly breaking ours…

We are getting ready to head to church. Church in Africa makes those of us that have a bit of Pentecostal in us VERY, VERY happy, but we will certainly be missing Dr. McKinley. We will be remembering each of you in prayer this morning. Have a wonderful Lord’s Day! We love you!

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