A Bountiful Sunday!

A Bountiful Sunday!

Apologies for the delayed updates! We have had a few issues with the Internet, but hey, “This is Africa”! Hopefully we’re back up and running and we have some catching up to do!

Sunday was a wonderful day of worship with Lane bringing an incredible message at two churches. Two different messages, might I add! He preached in a Baptist church in town then in the Xhosa church in the township. For those of you that have been following the mission in Knysna, the township church was formerly a bar. The church is now officially The Father’s House Baptist Church – what an amazing story of transformation!

Sunday evening was the first event we were all anticipating. The showing of the Jesus Film. As we were setting up, we certainly drew a crowd. The night was very cold, but we estimated that more than 100 attended the showing. We ended up showing the shorter children’s version since it was such a cold evening. Many watched intently, but the highlight was hearing a teenage boy “shhh” others around him. This was a wonderful tool to introduce many to the love of Christ. Several prayed to receive Christ following the movie. Please pray that we will water those seeds throughout this week. Thank you for covering this in prayer




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