A bittersweet morning……

A bittersweet morning……

I am clearly not going to be able to have very many words this morning.  A longing to be back before we ever step on the plane.  Our hearts are so filled with joy and love for these children and so incredibly thankful for the opportunity God has given us over the last couple of weeks.

We are so thankful to have been His hands and feet for these people.  To love them.  To tell them about His amazing love and grace.  To tell them that we will see them again.  If not in this temporary home in our eternal home.

The eternal home that is their hope.  Their focus.

However, we will all keep in mind that we have another opportunity.  To share their story with those around us.  And that, we will do.

Please keep us in your prayers as we depart for the airport and return home.  Also, pray for Team 2 – they are in the air right now!  And they are on the edges of their seats, I am sure!  Thank you all for everything – your support.  Your love for us and for these children of God.

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