Do Not Be Anxious

Do Not Be Anxious

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  – Phil 4:6

We are halfway through our time here in Izyum, Ukraine and we are tired but thankful. So many new friendships have been made and we feel blessed to know our brothers and sister here.

I am amazed by the love and support from the church members and host families. They have truly opened up their homes to us and shown amazing generosity. More than anything we have received an example of it truly means to have a servant heart.

As well as servant hearts, we are seeing an example of what it means to work Side by Side. The Ukraine team has worked along with us to hold five children’s programs. The medical team has also worked alongside the local doctors and translators and we are thankful for the prayers sent our way. We have experienced an easy cohesiveness while working with them.

After church on Sunday we held our first clinics, which then continued on Monday and Tuesday in the outlying village. On Tuesday afternoon we received a special request from a town official to set up at an Izyum town building. We were told to expect about nine patients, and instead had twenty-five in the span of two hours! On Wednesday we had similar experiences.

With all our work it is nice to see God in this place. The sunflower fields in the country remind us of His love and the joy He gives us. There are many trials here and we ask for prayers for those who have been displaced from their homes. Many of them have been homeless since 2014, yet they still smile and when asked for prayer requests they ask for peace in their country, for homes and for safety and health for their families.

At times like this, I am reminded not to be anxious about anything and to trust in God!

~ Maureen Wright and the Ukraine Team


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