Making a Difference for One

Making a Difference for One

In America, we love to see progress.  We love to see that where we choose to spend our money or our time is making a difference…bringing the change that says, “Yes.  This is good.”  We understand that, but when faced with the incredible need and the cultural challenges of Swaziland, the work here seems like we may be trying to eat an elephant one nibble at a time.  It seems that we will need to wait and watch to see if a generation has been changed before we know that our investment has been worth it.  As we have those thoughts, we also see where the Swazi’s mother’s faith in God as Protector and Provider  in the face of such devastation reveals the great depth of poverty of faith in us.  We wanted to show you some pictures and video where we are witnessing physical changes that reveal great progress here in Swaziland, but you really need to know the hearts of these children to see the greatest impact of this ministry.  To have that opportunity, you must have a relationship with a child here.  The cost of food has increased by 14%.  Swazis are finding that grocery and market prices are rising weekly.  Children whose families were surviving in the past, are not able to meet the basic needs of their families anymore.  The number of children that must come to the care point to either survive with the nutrition provided  or help offset the cost of raising a family in Swaziland, has increased dramatically.  We were most surprised to learn that our carepoints have seen an increase of nearly 125 children since our team was here in February.  Our burden for feeding and clothing these children was unimaginable when we scanned the sea of new faces with dark chocolate eyes.

The children and families here need your help.  If you are sponsoring a child, please pray and encourage one or two others to support a child.  If you are not, we can’t express how much this small decision will change your life.  Not only can you know that you have settled the grumble in a child’s tummy due to hunger, but you can write letters to your child, travel to Swaziland with a team, or ask someone to hug your special friend for you.  Our driver, a local Swazi, said that he has seen lots of aid in this country, but this ministry has not only provided for his family, but it has shown him Christ’s love as others love his people because He first loved them.  He has a changed heart. He is a male and father of this country that is choosing to be different and raise young men that can change the culture of this nation.  Not because he had aid, but because Christ changed his heart of stone because a few people in Georgia decided that children could not be forgotten in Swaziland.

Won’t you help make a difference?  Contact Penny Oates our Child Sponsorship Program coordinator  You do not have to be a member of Warren Baptist Church or even live in Georgia to be part of this ministry. The cost is $34/month.  It is tax deductible through Children’s HopeChest, and you have many options for payment.  Letter writing is optional, but it is a wonderful piece of the ministry.  You may use snail mail or the web form that will send your letter and photos to the missionaries on the ground and be delivered directly to your child.

These boys need Special Friends.  They laugh and play and love to learn.

The only difference between them and you, or your children, is that they were born in a land filled with thorns and thistles.

We have many others that Penny can help you choose from.

 It will be a decision you will never regret!

This is Sethu when Scott first visited Swaziland.  He was part of what we call Nokwanda’s story.  She was 5 carrying an 18 month old Sethu on her back and holding the hand of her 3 year old sister.  She helped her little sister receive her bowl of food, fed her little brother and finally sat to eat only half of her meal…the only meal she would have until she returned that next day.  The half that she didn’t eat…she carried home with her to quite her little brother when he cried in the night with hunger.

She was 5 and served as the primary caregiver in her home.

Here is Sethu in a video from this week, singing a song the team taught him in 2010.  It is a song that Warren uses to affirm God’s love in the hearts of our preschoolers.  It is a song that we STILL hear being sung over the hills as children walk home to a life that is sometimes more than our hearts can bear.

We call it “Oh, He loves me!”

[wpvideo 0zBMOJkY]

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